After The Party


So anyway, the party was terrible so we left and kissed a little bit more on the street outside her place, and for a few moments it felt like nothing had happened and that we were still together and happy. Or at least still together. But then she pulled away and adjusted her…


Alternate kinds of mermaidness…some less comfortable than others. 

I am hoping to return to a regular posting schedule for About Merpeople sometime soon! Floundermaid, Sharkmaid, Mermit Crab and friends will be back!

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Can you imagine these glorious horrors stalking and slashing down the runway?  I can and it makes for most memorable nightmares. From Alice Auaa 2014-2015 F/W runway during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Japan.

At a glance I thought it was McQueen

The coats look a bit naff but I’m feeling the bottom two

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